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Coach Ron Gunn's training program is the product of over 40 years of coaching success.  His training programs, if followed, will lead you to your fitness goals.  From casual hiking to preparing for the marathon-like day hike through the Grand Canyon this training program works.  Each course allows for short as well as long time and distance goals.  Some years Coach Gun also trains runners and walkers for the Honolulu Marathon.  You may have your own vacation or race goals and choose to train along with the Cairn Stone teams. 

This training program is proprietary as developed by Coach Ron Gunn.  It is made available to all long trip  (>8 days) participants and Training Partners until the end of the year you participate. 

Training Partners Get:
  • 28 HIKE VENUES FOR $100 (plus some park fees)
  • Personal trainer services of Coach Ron Gunn
  • Training Lecture before each hike (usually 30 min.)
  • Access to the proprietary web pages for advanced training information
  • Marked, measured and monitored scenic courses with aid (water refill)
  • Varied and interesting hike venues
  • Varied and interesting people (i.e.-Really Cool people)
  • WAIT LIST - Your deposit will automatically apply as the Training Partner fee if no spots open for you to fill.


ONE FREE TEST DRIVE:  If you live locally,
Contact Coach Gunn for a one-time guest pass for a free test drive before you commit.  The training course fee is modest compared to the value provided (16 courses, personal trainer services, web access, etc.)

This program is progressive building on the previous lectures and hikes. As the courses get longer and more complex, having inexperienced visitors out on a course several miles long becomes a safety concern.

IN/OUT:  This training program, much like a college class, cannot accommodate visitors dropping in from time to time, you must either join or not after your one time guest visit. (This is a general rule for those living locally.  Please talk to Ron directly for any exceptions, such as out of town visitors.)

Team Members:  He welcomes your out of town visitors  with prior approval.  And Coach Gunn thanks you in advance for your cooperation with the one free test drive policy for your friends who live locally.

Your cooperation with this is important to maintain the success and safety record of this training course.

TO BE KEPT INFORMED - Get on the Coach's Running & Hiking Friends email list for future trips and events: Email List or for specific information and questions, contact Coach Gunn.  CONTACT INFO

  • You want to hike interesting and beautiful places in safety with like minded people, veterans of past Cairn Stone trips and rookies training for their first Cairn Stone adventure.  
  • For the lecture information.
  • For the personal coaching.
  • For the marked courses with aid.  
  • To achieve your conditioning goals, get fit or lose weight.
  • To be prepared if on a wait list when your name comes up
  • To build a stronger base for next year's trip

This is a proven system that will take even someone of moderate athletic ability to the level of fitness required.  Coach Gunn has trained several collegiate national championship track teams, trained hundreds of adults to run their first marathon, and created the Extreme Sports program at Southwestern Michigan College. 

He has applied that knowledge to training the
chronologically enhanced (middle aged and beyond) to achieve a fitness level to run a marathon or to day-hike across the Grand Canyon.

Over half of the veterans
from past trips have returned to travel again and many return just to train again with us as a Training Partner.  This unique training-travel program has proven to be a wonderful and life changing experience for all who have experienced it.

Yes, the destination is fantastic but the journey is too; It stands on its own merit.  The training hike venues vary and are always interesting.  Somehow Coach Gunn has managed to find some incredible venues right in our own back yard in the Southwestern Michigan area. Lightly traveled side roads, picturesque trails through woods orchards and grassy meadows.  Stories abound from our hikers of wild creatures along the trail; turkey, deer, fox, birds and squirrel of every color.  Leave your iPod at home, there's always a nature concert playing in surround sound.  You will fondly remember your time on these trails.

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PDF DOWNLOADS:  Training Schedules

Click here to see photos taken on training hikes.