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Swiss Valley

Swiss Valley Ski Area, Jones, Michigan Hike
13421 Mann St., Jones, MI 49061   MAP
(N. on Patterson Hill Rd. from M-60,  3 miles then L on Mann St.)
(Patterson Hill Rd. is 1 mile W of M-60 & M-40)

This is a great local ski area.  Be sure to mention Ron Gunn's group when you come to ski here.  It will help them to know their generosity has been rewarded in a tangible way.

TRAINING HIKE Saturday 8:00AM April 17th, 2010

Our stiffest training challenge yet. This definitely will be a defining moment along the trail to the Grand Canyon.”                          Coach Gunn


Quaker and Bald Hill; country roads, wooded trails and grassy Swiss Valley ski slopes.  This is a wonderful conditioning hike.  The course climbs the grass covered hills at Swiss Valley for some great leg work, both up and down the ski slopes.  The course meanders through picturesque countryside on wooded trails and along some quiet country roads, both paved and unpaved.  However, Coach often finds a way to improve even a great course as each successive year provides additional opportunity to explore further. He has hinted that he may have more wooded trails and less paved road on this year's course!


Set 1 - Thom's photos from the 2006 hike. 
Set 2 - Thom's photos from the 2007 hike.


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SET 2:
  Thom's photos from the 2007 hike.