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Photo Gallery: 2004-7 Part 2

Above are a few photos from previous trips of ordinary people doing the extraordinary and having the time of their lives. (click center of photo)

What is it like to day-hike Rim to River to Rim
in the Grand Canyon?

For several hours you experience a mystical journey through the heart of her majesty the Grand Canyon. The South Kaibab trail going down offers endless panoramic displays of a primordial world lost in time. About an hour from the black bridge you begin to catch glimpses and to hear the rapids in the Colorado River.  After brunch and a T-shirt purchase at Phantom Ranch you cross the Colorado River on the silver bridge to begin the long climb out.

Coach Ron Gunn has you well prepared after eight months of training with survival skills learned from the lectures and the experiences of 15 progressively tougher training hikes.  You are now fit and your day pack is well equipped. as you hike you monitor your hydration, electrolyte replenishment, food intake, foot strike and breathing. Breathing the ever thinning air, as you climb endlessly to the top of the Canyon wall.  This morning you descended a vertical mile with the help of gravity and now it takes back all it gave as you regain that mile climbing back towards the distant rim. 

The setting sun paints the Canyon with a whole new pallet of colors when at last you see the Kolb Studio perched there on the rim.  It is the first building one sees after climbing up Jacob's Ladder on Bright Angel Trail.  You know you are finally at the end of your journey.  Here lies an unbelievable reward, a hidden treasure that can only be found by those who have walked in your shoes.  You have just day-hiked through the Grand Canyon!  There are no words to accurately describe what one feels at this time but you now join the ranks of an elite few. 

It seems unreal that the trip has just begun and if it ended now it will have all been worth it.  But wait, there are six more days to the end of this experience!  There are no great challenging hikes ahead just great fun.  And there is so much more to explore: the North Rim, Bryce Canyon and the very popular Zion National Park.  The best is yet to come!

Join us if you can this year for The Adventure of a Lifetime
Experience the world like few ever will.

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