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This page will help you
find where and how to apply for or renew your US passport.     [
US Citizen Travel Links]

 How To Apply 

 Where To Apply 

 Acceptance Facilities  
At 20 Post Offices in our area

Note that you may travel to a few places with either an *Enhance Drivers License or the optional *ID Card you may request along with your Passport. (*Valid only for return to the U.S. by land or sea from Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and the Caribbean)

Cairn Stone travelers:  It will be necessary for you to submit a copy of your Drivers License for domestic destinations and a copy of the ID page of your passport.  [Drop a copy in the Jog Pot or email an attachment to]  [Text photo to Thom at 269-462-0683]

Why do we need this info?  Security at the airport requires the name on your ticket to match your ID (be sure you use the same ID you submitted to us if your name is different on another ID type.  Example:  Your passport may use your full middle name but your drivers license may use only your middle initial.  Is this important?  In the past it has gone both ways as security levels change.  Better safe than sorry.)

Hotels are required to have passport information on file for all guests.  We want to provide this list to the hotels to assure it is accurate and so that you do not have to surrender your passport to the hotel for a time.

Other information Cairn Stone collects:  Cell phone numbers.  These are used for communication during training hikes and travel, both for safety and coordination.

NOTE:  Your privacy is important to us.  We do not share email or home addresses, and cell phone numbers with any third party.  We do make email and cell phone numbers available to our staff and your fellow travelers.  When on the web site these lists will always require the current year's log in and password to view.

Feel free to ask any questions or to suggest improvements through our web master,  Always contact Ron directly for money and training questions,