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Observation Point


Above are some of Thom's photos from 2010.

This is just one of the smorgasbord of hikes in Zion Park.

Description of this hike

"O" POINT: The Observation Point hike is challenging with substantial elevation gain.  Your Grand Canyon training will make this a literal walk in the park.  Enjoy the climb as the views grow ever more spectacular.  The views from the top will make you want to linger awhile just to take it all in.  The East Rim trail Day Hike will join the "O" Point trail part way up.  So if you hike this trail in the afternoon you may well meet up with some of our East Rim Trail day hikers.  This is one of dozens of hikes you may do on your own as you like.  This is why our veterans of past trips have all fallen in love with all that Zion and Springdale have to offer.  You too may just want to return next year to do what you missed doing this year.

Start this hike at the Weeping Rock shuttle stop after the 1/4 mile hike to see Weeping Rock.  As you travel through the park your shuttle driver may point out places where water emerges from the sandstone to form a flowing creek.  Depending on the height of the cliff the water can be thousands of years old.  It takes the rain water that long to percolate through the stone.  Talk about purified water!