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Grand Mere State Park

Grand Mere Park, Stevensville, Michigan Hike

TRAINING HIKE Saturday 8:00AM March 20th, 2010

Yes, the destination is fantastic but the journey is too; Each hike stands on its own merit. The Grand Mere hike is no exception.  Grand Mere State Park is located near Stevensville, MI.  The 2007 hike was held on a foggy morning obscuring the view of Lake Michigan but adding an aura of mystique to this beautiful and challenging venue.  This is a quad builder and a chance to test your trekking poles.  LINKS: The Park  Map (I-94 exit 22, west on Grand Mere Dr. then an immediate south on Thorton) 
Course Map (Note: this course may be very difficult to follow without Ron's signs and please know that some of the beach area is private property which could be a problem in warmer weather.  However, there is plenty of opportunity to explore the public areas of this beautiful park on your own.)

Set 1 - Thom's photos from the 2007 hike. 
Set 2 - Photos of the March 22nd 2008 hike, courtesy of Training Partner Stewart Beach.  (3/31) Stewart's photos of March 29th hike too.
Set 3 - (3/31) Thom's photos of the 2008 repeat hike, March 29th.
Set 4 - (4/2) More of Thom's plus Cindy Underwood's photos of the 2008 repeat hike, March 29th.

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                       SET 1: 
Thom's 2007 photos of this hike.

SET 2:
 Stewart Beach 2008 photos (below)

SET 3:
 Thom's 2008 photos (Repeat Hike)

SET 4:
  Cindy Underwood 2008 photos of repeat hike