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PROPRIETARY:  This training program is proprietary and was developed by Coach Ron Gunn.  It is made available to all trip participants and the enrolled Training Partners until the end of each year.

DISCLAIMER:  Before embarking on any fitness program see your doctor.  It is your responsibility to determine that you have no health condition which would prohibit you from pursuing this training course or the wilderness hikes at the trip destinations.  Cairn Stone Adventure Tours, llc. and Coach Ronald Gunn do take reasonable precautions to provide a safe course layout for you to hike.  These hikes do take place along roadways and trails where you must take appropriate precautions such as staying to the left along roadways and watching the trail for obstructions.  This training course includes recommendations for proper hydration and electrolyte supplementation however it remains your responsibility to maintain your own good health during the training and travel for your Cairn Stone adventure.

PASSWORDS:  The  links to pages with proprietary information do require login with user name and password.   All Cairn Stone travelers and Training Partners will be given the login information at the beginning of the training season.  This login will be good to the end of the year.  Note that archived pages will keep the login for that particular year.  Contact Thom if you need the login information.   

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Veterans of past trips and Training Partners, your heartfelt experiences when shared help newcomers to decide.  Add a
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