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2010 Photos East Rim Trail Hike Zion

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Above are some of Thom's photos from 2010.

To preserve the pristine conditions the Park Service
will only allow 12 of us to hike each day.

Description of this hike

EAST RIM TRAIL: The East Rim Trail in Zion is awesome! It is 10 miles that starts in the remote back-country east of Zion Canyon and drops over 2,400' from the start to the finish. Of course, you will lose and gain elevation a number of times along this trail as you work your way down to floor of Zion Canyon.  It is a beautiful back-country hike with no water except for a couple of slow springs. The trail crosses the "O Point" (Observation Point) trail offering the hardy an opportunity to climb to this breathtaking vantage point.  After all you are half way from the top so why not?  You will pick up the Park Shuttle at the Weeping Rock stop as you face your biggest challenge of the day; where do we eat?  There are so many great choices in Springdale - not a franchise in sight!

The Zion Adventure Company will shuttle us out to the trail head
for a cost of about $25 per person. Ron plans to organize trips on both Friday and Saturday as we are allowed only 12 people per group on the trail for the entire day.